• GWADW 2023

    GWADW 2023, May 21-27, La Biodola, Elba First announcement for the Gravitational Wave Advanced Detector Workshop that will take place in La Biodola, Elba, Italy starting May 21st until May 27th, 2023. Registration opening will be announced soon.

  • 2nd SPB Workshop

    2nd SPB Workshop, January 23-26 2023, Maastricht The second Site Preparation Board (SPB) workshop will take place from 23-26 January 2023, Maastricht (NL). This will be the occasion to discuss and get updates on the various activities taking place at the sites aspiring to possibly host the future Einstein Telescope (Sardegna in Italy, EMR partially in Belgium, Germany & The Netherlands and possibly Lausitz in Germany). In particular (hydro)geology aspects, noise environment, legal/permitting affairs, bidbook organization, schedules, excavation costs, local funding and future plans, etc. will be discussed. Apart from plenary presentations, lots of time will be reserved for discussions. The venue of the workshop is Thiessen Wineries, Maastricht, Grote…

  • Terrestrial Very-Long-Baseline Atom Interferometry Workshop 13.–14. März 2023

    Terrestrial Very-Long-Baseline Atom Interferometry Workshop 13.–14. March 2023 CERN The event will take stock of the developing international landscape of large-scale Atom Interferometer prototypes and discuss their synergies and complementarity. Such devices will be able to detect ultralight dark matter and gravitational waves in the mid-frequency band, complementing the capabilities of optical interferometers on Earth and the future LISA space mission, and offering unique sensitivity to ultralight bosonic dark matter. The main goals of the workshop will be to develop a Roadmap for the design and technology choices for one or several km-scale atom interferometers to be ready for operation in the mid 2030s, which is supported by the cold…

  • Einstein Telescope Community Meeting Autumn 2022

    11.10.2022 Einstein Telescope Community Meeting Autumn 2022 The German Einstein Telescope Community is invited to a face-to-face meeting in Hanover to present status and perspectives in Gravitational Wave Astronomy. Te meeting will be held on October 21st 2022 in Hannover, Germany, Königlicher Pferdestall. Meeting Website

  • XII ET Symposium

    07.04.2022 XII ET Symposium (Jun 7 – 8, 2022) The 12th ET symposium is a milestone of the Einstein Telescope project. The ET project is on the ESFRI roadmap since July 2021. A consortium of European countries and of research institutions and universities in Europe is on the way to establishing the Einstein Telescope Collaboration. That is the primary goal of the conference. The details of the ET organisation will be discussed with the participants and the scientific and technological challenges for the realisation of the Einstein Telescope will be presented. Workshop page

  • European Einstein Toolkit Meeting 2022

    29.01.2022 European Einstein Toolkit Meeting 2022 The European Einstein Toolkit meeting 2022 will be held at University College Dublin from 29 August – 2 September 2022. The Einstein Toolkit is a community-driven Open Source software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics, including Numerical Relativity, studies of Neutron stars and Magnetohydrodynamics. Meeting homepage