1st Trieste meeting on the physics of gravitational waves

1st Trieste meeting on the physics of gravitational waves, June 5-9 2023 at SISSA

[Mon-Tue] Gravitational Universe: Challenges and Opportunities (mid-term meeting) – June 5-6, 2023
This meeting will bring together researchers from Italy, France and Portugal to discuss the state of the art in the theoretical modelling of gravitational wave sources and in the development of data-analysis algorithms, with the aim of probing fundamental physics with gravitational waves.

[Wed-Fri] Environmental effects on binary black holes – June 7-9, 2023
The observation of gravitational waves from binary black holes and neutron stars by the LIGO-Virgo scientific collaboration heralds a new era in astrophysics, in which gravitational radiation will probe the universe in a new and complementary way to traditional telescopes. With several new detectors coming online soon, such as LISA, ET and Cosmic Explorer, these detections are just the beginning of an exciting scientific journey that will unravel the nature of the most mysterious objects of our Universe, black holes.

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